Republican Party Collapsing Beneath The Weight Of Its Own Toxic Racism

a1-9-702x336Decades from today, historians will look back at the second decade of the new millennium and write about the racism and ignorance that finally ended the Republican Party and take careful note of the plethora of governors that many determined  bigoted rubes of America elected into governor’s mansions across the former Confederate States of America. The Republican Party sold them a bill of goods that appeals to the simple-minded folk that are suspicious of everything the government does while greedily accepting every benefit it provides and who desperately wants to believe they are the better race.

Whether you’ve grown up in the South or enjoyed the company of rednecks from there, you can see the results of the Republican Party’s policies: The thread that binds them together is woven in ignorance and rooted in racism. It’s a sickness that’s been carried over for generations. Plantation owners used the good book to convince whites that god was fine with slavery and that blacks were the inferior race. Today, the modern face of racism is still woven into the very fabric of the South. Instead of confronting the awful treatment of black Americans, the racists thrive on the subtlety of whitewashing history and sowing their lies in the fertile ground of ignorant minds.

All across the South, religious “liberty” laws have been implemented in order to disguise discrimination of minorities in the name of their sacred cow, religion. Religion is how and racism thrives even today and the plantation owners have become more cunning when profiting from slavery which still exist, just in a more palatable form. Where plantation owners once used chains to exploit the labor of blacks, the modern slave-maker profits from the imprisonment of blacks and Mexicans. The trade doesn’t end there, mind you. Republicans have hated the minimum wage since its inception and to them, the more the minimum the better. Gandhi said, “poverty is the worst form of violence” and today’s slave-owners have traded in their bullwhips for the invisible chains of poverty. Despite the best efforts of the best of us, conservatives have never failed to mend them.

Modern America and slave holdings.

The way white people see it, before the Civil War, slave owners kept 100% of the profits. In modern America, slave holdings depend on two factors: poverty and ignorance. Slave owners knew how much more difficult it was to control an educated slave, which any close examination of the Republican Party’s policies in both state and federal levels will reveal why they always cut funding for education, but never increase it. They are in favor of charter schools that will teach children creationism instead of evolution while shackling their children with the chains their parents revered, because anything that goes against the Bible is the work of Lucifer, at least in their minds.

Today racism is much more taboo. Racists have adapted to the times and have changed their language to conceal what they say in private. Rush Limbaugh is a prime example of a race-baiter, who uses the new code words like “thug” for any black male and “welfare queen” for females. Like with any poison, it takes only a few drops to make someone sick from it. For the more genteel racists, there is the “that one is so well-spoken”, code which translates to, “they speak like a white person and not ghetto” and such people usually have “a black friend,” to tell you about. It is just basic human nature for any inferior to want to feel superior to something, and racism is the most intellectually lazy excuse for plantation owners to use to control those who want to oppress their black brothers and sisters.

Profiteers have diversified the ways to profit from slavery but in order to keep a profitable supply of chattel, there are certain necessary evils they must do in order to keep themselves in the lifestyles they’ve grown accustomed to. It’s no secret that politicians love any and all sources of revenues so long as they are not labeled as “taxes,” but what they have learned from Richard Nixon was that it’s easier to increase your voice in government if you can suppress your political enemies and nobody took that principle further than, “I am not a crook,” Nixon.

The Republican Party’s (and the Neoliberal’s) mantra of Getting “tough on crime” translated to imprisoning minorities.

It was a simple, yet diabolical concept: “Get tough on crime” by putting blacks and Latinos in prison and quell their ability to take revenge politically by stripping felons of their right to vote. Conservatives constantly defend “unalienable rights” like owning a gun but they have no compunction about stripping such rights from non-whites. They’re not rights, they’re privileges that are easily taken away.

This kind of policy appeals to the Republican Party and the religious base that relishes punishing sinners of darker colors.  Nobody exploited old-time prejudices more than Ronald Reagan when he signed the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986 into law. The obvious racist policy came from the penalties for those who were convicted of possession or selling crack versus powder cocaine. Crack was more prevalent than powder cocaine in minority communities and powder cocaine was what the affluent were more prone to use.

In effect, what Reagan and Southern Republicans did by passing these asinine, bigoted and draconian laws was tell generations of black kids that they were worth more as prisoners than students and our spending on incarceration proved that beyond any doubt. Keeping people in poverty has always been the aim of political conservatives because, since the dawn of time, the comfort of rich people has always been dependent upon a limitless supply of poor people.

As the War on Drugs reached its awful zenith, opportunist saw ways to profit from such draconian laws by carving away larger slices of the profit pie.  They accomplished this by essentially purchasing Republicans, who would sell their compliant and gullible voting base the idea that private industry could administer prisons and jails more efficiently than the state could and it would “save the state money.” It was an abominable lie that has cost states across the country more and more in civil penalties after the private prison profiteers did more and more to cut cost by feeding inmates maggot-infested food, and denying them medical treatment while in state custody which resulted in riots in many states that cost both inmates and prison guards their lives.

WATCH: Northpoint prison riot reveals the terrifying outcome of 40 years worth of policies from the Republican party.

The riot at North Point in Burgin, Kentucky happened because inmates were being denied medical treatment and were being served food that a starving dog would not eat. As WKYT reported in 2009:

Officials would not say what caused the rioting, which injured eight staff members and eight prisoners. None of the injured staffers were hospitalized, said Cheryl Million, a spokeswoman for the Kentucky Department of Corrections. Authorities would not provide conditions for the inmates still being treated. Those who remained at Northpoint were getting food and medical care from temporary stations because the fire destroyed six buildings, including a kitchen, medical center, canteen and visitation area.

In the quest to punish inmates by subjecting them to inhuman treatment, it cost taxpayers over $3 million in damage so that Aramark could profit from feeding inmates disgusting food. The warden at North point was all too happy to have a new infusion of cash to expand his overcrowded facility.

Have you ever wondered why taxpayers spend $100,000 for a Snicker’s bar? When inmates are deprived of basic sustenance, luxuries like candy bars are worth premium amounts of money. Aramark sells a Snicker’s bar for $2 and the other over-priced items on commissary generate a lot of revenues for which the facilities get a piece of the profits. In state prisons, there are inmates with life sentences in the general population that think nothing of beating another inmate into unconsciousness just so they can steal their candy bars and taxpayers pick up the tab for a stay in intensive care at more than $10,000 a day.

Racism is a poison that consumes all that imbibe it.

When you hear that friend make a passing racist remark and you think it does no harm, think again. The poison has a cumulative effect that invariably seeps into the very fabric of our society. When you see a police officer choke the life out of a man like Eric Garner while other police officer standby, you can see those effects. Moreover, even a tertiary glance at the prison population would show you that more than half the population are minorities which are less than 20% of the entire population.

The powers that be want to absolve the white populace for previous transgressions by pretending that injustice and racism don’t exist anymore and the true racists will point to successful blacks like our president to say that we are in a “post-racial society” which is a fabulous theory that is disproven every single day in every courthouse in this nation. But one need not visit a jail or courthouse to see the absurdity of ‘the American Dream’ that conservatives have so assiduously succeeded in destroying. It’s an important fable to sell to the hoards of yokels who are just dumb enough to see a couple of examples of one of them enjoying the success America can offer.

Former presidential front-runner Ben Carson is a perfect example of what conservatives love to use as an example of ‘one of the good ones.’ Carson benefitted from government assistance his entire life and with hard work and enough of an intellect, he bought into the lily-white dream to the point that he would deny other black Americans the same opportunities he enjoyed to make it just a bit harder for someone else to follow in his footsteps if they so chose. How frightful is a mind so wicked that they would work tirelessly to deny others the benefit of an education? This is how what appear to be benign beliefs turn malignant.

They just want those people to pull themselves up by the bootstraps and take out student loans to finish their education. If you want a chance to climb into the middle-class, you have to go into debt and don’t even think about filing bankruptcy because they already made it impossible to discharge that and any credit cards you might have gotten in college to help pay for anything. Whether they get their chains on you in jail or financially, the result is the same. Income inequality grows by the day and the subtlety of that gross injustice is carefully concealed with a crafted set of words conservatives call, “class warfare.”

They are all for class warfare and the rich have prosecuted this war with a devotion that would make the worst tyrants in history blush. They have systematically indemnified themselves from the consequences of their many crimes. They first learned to profit from enslaving their fellow Americans by putting them in prison or sending them off to war and the only class off fighting in wars are the poor kids who hoped to get a piece of the American Dream. To protect themselves from political retribution, they took away their rights to vote. If they make it back from war and are injured, they do everything imaginable to deny our veterans every benefit imaginable while making the more servile of them believe they are pro-military patriots but what they are really for is more military spending.

Cutting government services and handing them over to private businesses is the very ethos of every conservative that believes Ronald Regan’s famous adage that, ‘government is the problem.’ That too is a bit of poison that the vulgar hypocrite Ayn Rand poisoned so many others with that believe in the myth of the rugged individualist that does everything for themselves but build roads and dams and everything else that government does well.


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