The 905 Effect refers to a trend in politics that has been observed throughout the Western World. The area code 905 refers to the suburbs around Toronto, which often sway Canadian elections, for better or worse. As the saying goes, “Canada is the land where the future happens first”, and this is very much true in global politics. The 905 area influences more than just Canadian elections, the ideologies coming out of Canada often spread to the rest of the Western World eventually, whether we are aware of it or not.

Not many people pay attention to quiet Canada, however, we believe it is paramount in today’s climate, that the world must be informed about Canada’s experience with right-wing populism, which is currently on the rise throughout the United States and Europe. It is our mission to make sure that the 905 Effect does not happen with this toxic strain of politics. Canada’s experience was rather mild, to the point that some might find comparisons absurd, however, this shows the need to spread this message.

After the rise of Donald Trump in the US, close elections in France, and European reactions to the refugee crisis gripping the world, getting this message out is more important than ever. This blog contains information about the Harper experiment in Canada, the history of his Canadian Alliance and the hostile takeover of the Conservative Party, as well as the monitoring of similar situations throughout the world.